About us



OPEX serves coaches and clients who want to #LiveLarger.  The OPEX coaching model was built around a deep belief that fitness is the medium for us all to enjoy our lives more deeply.  It is through your own unique fitness journey that you can progress both in and out of the gym.  We honor that long term fitness journey for all of our clients.  The way that you can realize your long term journey with OPEX comes in three ways:

  • OPEX Gyms  - OPEX has teamed with amazing coaches and business owners to bring the OPEX Coaching Model to fitness facilities all over the world
  • OPEX Coaching Education (CCP) - OPEX offer coaches a comprehensive coaching education virtually so that they can upgrade their coaching knowledge to help their clients progress over the long run
  • OPEX Athlete Remote Coaching - OPEX works with fitness athletes around the world who seek to increase their abilities in fitness

When you align your fitness with your life's goals you will see progress that you didn't believe was possible.  We'd be honored to help you realize your unique fitness journey with us.